Continental Grand Prix 4000 S road tyre

📅 October 29, 2019

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Under a complete test of this tyre riding in all conditions the performance was found to be excellent well that what it said on the glossy brochure and then it mentioned a magic ingredient called black chilli compound, and that was enough for me to hand over my hard-earned dosh for a couple of these beauties to don my aging Peugeot cycle. Very easy to put on and very light in fact both of the gp4000s were lighter than one of the old tyres that came off, I think that I should have bought some new tubes at the same time, not to worry the old ones are still holding air so all is good, I did spend some time doing a bit of research and I found a lot of comment click here some good some not so good

How to they ride

In a sentence I will say they go like a bullet, but please bear in mind I have come off a set of old school tyres that are well past there use by date, but my first impression of these GP4000S tires I am very impressed, and so far no punctures but its early days and I do know that any tyre is susceptible to punctures. good job I got it fixed otherwise it would be time to break out the running shoes

I got my new Azzurri Forza Di2 delivered recently and after only a few rides I got hit with my first flat on the front you can check out the ride and a very good report here I have decided to replace the stock tyres fitted to my new bike with these GP4000S, the main thing that I noticed in the difference between the two is the weight the GP4000s are so much lighter than the Vittoria Zaffiro that are fitted and also the tread is a lot deeper on the Zaffiro's and I did notice a couple of small sharp stone were still stuck in the tread and that was the culprit that got me on Saturday, the GP4000s are a much lighter tire, I didn't weigh them but just holding one in each hand you can tell for sure, there tread pattern is less pronounced and even slick looking as well as a noticeable bulge in the centre of the tyre this is obviously what you are rolling on when you are going in a straight line and the tread will touch the road when you are going around corners. I have added the pictures of the tubes the Reynolds Solitude wheelset and a close-up of the Shimano ultegra cassette for a complete view. I will probably do a review on these at some point as I was very impressed at how light the wheels are, Hmmm isn't this the point of modern road bikes

I am now looking forward to seeing how the new Bike runs on these GP4000s when I go out for my next ride which is soon and will take in a cat 3 climb