Climb To Mount Lofty Via Norton Summit

📅 October 24, 2019

⏱️2 min read

With only 0.2mm of rain for cast for the day and a temperature high for the day of 20C we were in for a good days riding or as it turned out climbing. We met up with Jono at Burnside, we got ready and had a brief review of the loop that we planned to ride, we had done Norton summit before so no surprises there Andre was keen to include mount lofty in the ride, we were casually assured that there would be one or two short kicks but nothing we couldn't handle, so and after taking a few photos we headed out.

Norton Summit Climb

It was only a short ride to the base of Norton's so we didn't bother to stop and just ploughed on up the climb, All legs were fresh so everyone was thinking about setting a PR, (I know i was) within minutes Jono and Andre disappeared out of sight in front of me and soon after that i was on my own, I felt good and managed to keep a steady pace until about 2ks from the top my front tyre started to go down, yup a puncture has put short me putting in a fast time. Thanks to Shav who was close behind and saved me from having to use my hand pump by loaning me one of his spare gas canisters, meanwhile jono and Andre were fearing the worst came back down to find out were we had got to. with the tyre fixed now we were off again to the top with a few PR’s on the second half the rest helped to get them.

Onwards to Mount Lofty

We took the time to refill our water bottles at the top of Norton’s and a quick toilet stop, now the rest of the ride was new ground for me, the first short kick was not to far ahead and this one for me was an out of the saddle climb, it was about 800m for the steepest part and then tailed off, after that we were greeted by some of the most amazing scenery as we moved on towards Cleland park and onto Lofty. We did have one me surprise in store in the shape of a extra steep section leading into the grounds of mount lofty. I was a clear day and some nice sunshine so we spent some time enjoying the views and taking a few more photos before set of the decent, the temperature at the summit was a good 5-6 degrees colder then when we started so we didn't stay to long.

Rapid Decent

This was the best part for me the is something very exhilarating about flying down a hill on two thin wheels, we got down to the Crafers interchange for a quick re-group and then picked up the freeway bike track for some more fast descending and even more great views as we passed eagle on the hill, finally made it to the bottom at the tollgate and then a short bust bust of speed back towards the car park. All up this ride was 40k’s distance with 750m of accent.