Peugeot Road Bike: My Restoration Project

📅 November 06, 2019

⏱️2 min read

I have had my old Peugeot road racer for many years and have really let it get into a bad state of repair as you can see from the photos below, my buddies have pushed me to go out with them for a few years now, well a few months ago another Budde of mine told me on Sunday that he was picking up his brand new carbon bike on the following Saturday and the crew are going out for a ride and I was invited.

    Well, that was the starting point and I had a few days to get the old Peugeot out of the shed and make it roadworthy which meant fixing the flat tires and lubing up the chain and making sure the gears all worked and of course giving it a real cleanup. In the end, I didn't need to buy anything new for it and I was ready to go come Saturday

I found my old helmet that has seen better days and used my gym gloves, a regular t-shirt and a pair of normal shorts, the guys said they would be at my place for an evening ride at about 4 pm, well I could hardly believe it when they arrived they all had $2000+ bikes and all the cycling gear on it looked like a break-away group from the tour-de-France or even the tour-down-under seeing as I live in Adelaide, it was a warm sunny evening perfect weather for a ride, we decided to go up-to the Velo-way and have a ride along the cycle track heading south. There are a few up and down section on the Velo-way and it was hard on my legs getting up the hills but the speed you can go on the other side is worth it, well on one of the hill we lost two of the group they did not follow through up the other side, so while we waited the phone rang and one of the riders had a problem with the rear wheel it stopped free-wheeling and no amount of pushing and shoving would get it to work, so a phone call to home and out came help with a car and cycle carrier and the rest of us carried on with the ride, it was starting to get dark now and not having any light i made a note to add lights onto my list.

well, I must admit that I really enjoyed myself on this ride and yup on this day the cycling bug has bitten me good and proper. what did i enjoy about riding well it's the experience i guess from the fantastic scenery that you don't normally see from the view-point of being on a bike, also the feeling of riding in a group is good and of course the challenge that I get from trying to keep up with the better riders and while your taking all these benefits in you are getting some great exercise which for me as an office dweller I need.

After this ride ended my faithful Peugeot Road Bike was in need of some cleaning but I was keen to go again, I did notice that my setup is in serious need of an upgrade, next purchase was new tires I ended up getting some Continental Grand Prix 4000 S after reading up a few reviews on these tyres that they were very good for being puncture-resistant, first time I had used a folding tyre and so far so good with them bit more info and a few pics over here