Skins A200 Compression Tights

📅 November 14, 2019

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After a recent early morning ride on a somewhat cool summers day, I spotted one of the guys in our group was wearing some fancy skins compression tights, now I have a pair of Nike ones that I use for running so I am no stranger to good quality compression wear.

I did get to chat with him after the ride at the usual coffee break that we all enjoy and got some great feedback, so I decided to get myself a pair of these 

Skins A200 Compression Tights

Great my new skins have now arrived in the post, and it just so happens that I am due for a gym workout today so what better time to give the new compression-tights a test, for size if nothing else. My first impressions when they came out of the box was "there is no way I am going to get them on" but they are very stretchy and after a bit, work to get my foot through the hole they pulled on and fit me perfectly. I think the trick is to bunch them up with both hands and get your foot through the hole first before you start tugging them up over your knees.

My new A200 Skins

OK, so they fit well I was a bit unsure because according to the sizing chart I am borderline medium/large but most of my other sports clothing is size large I went with that option, they feel really comfortable right away and the leg length was good also. During my workout I found them to be very comfortable and gave me really good support around my knees in particular and at the same time I wasn't getting overheated, but I did get them for my cycling and running use mostly so I will update after I go for my first ride with them on, I must though that I do like the yellow stitching it looks cool

Skins A200 Women's Long Tights

The Guys at chain Reaction Cycles have these snappy colours for the lady's