Site Author

Wondering who runs this website? Well, my name is Andrew and I live in Adelaide, South Australia that's why there is a lot of Adelaide cycling focus on this blog.

Being a bit of an IT Guy I do have an interest in gadgets so I will do the odd review on cycling gear and cycles that I come across or that I own personally. I am also interested in photography so you will find a few gallery's of some of my favorite photos, that gives you what to expect to find on this blog in a nutshell, or a (bash shell)

I am inspired by European road racing, and I hope that my site reflects the intensity and passion that is European cycling

If you want to improve your cycling and build your own cycling success story, you’re in the right place.

My aim with this blog is to teach you how to succeed in the world of amateur road cycling – whether that be through training rides, casual rides, group rides, or something else altogether.

I do that by offering up full disclosure on everything I do with my own rides – my successes and my failures. A great place to get started is to find out a little bit more about me then have a read about one on my early rides here